Julian Vaughan Hampton

Church N State- The story of a woman exploring the joy of life while facing terminal illness. Written and directed by Julian Vaughan Hampton

Church N State

Two women build a friendship despite extreme difference and through extreme circumstances in this heartfelt drama.
From an amazing local talent: Julian Vaughan Hampton, the writer, director, and producer of this short film.
Written, Directed, & Produced by Julian Vaughan Hampton
Run Time: 39 minutes
Stars: Daniela Thome and Marvette Knight
  Cinematography- Xavier LeBlanc

What is the film about?

Church N State is the story of two women teaching one another about the joy of life as they face the challenges of terminal cancer. Though they have different beliefs and cultures, they learn that supporting each other is the key to battling their obstacles.


View the trailer for Church N State here.

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